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“Eswab™ is the most significant advance in swab collection devices since the introduction of the Culturette 40 years ago.”
Dr. Paul Bourbeau
Microbiology Laboratory Director
Geisinger Medical Center
Danville, PA

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Eswab™ is the only liquid-based multipurpose collection and transport system that maintains viability of aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hours
at room and refrigerator temperature, and is a truly open platform suitable for automation, gram stains, and traditional culture, just to name a few of the applications. Simplify and streamline specimen collection with Eswab™, the only
liquid system that supports all types of bacteria.

With a Nylon® Flocked Swab and 1mL of modified Liquid Amies, Eswab™ elutes the entire sample into the medium providing up to 10 identical 100µL aliquots of liquid sample suspension so you can run multiple tests from the same specimen. Using Eswab™ technology to transform the swab sample into liquid phase provides an ideal platform for automated liquid handling.

Liquid Based Transport for Microbiology Facilitates Automation

Entire specimen moves from swab to liquid phase for automated liquid handling

Expands Testing Capabilities

By using Eswab™, you can run multiple tests from the same specimen using the 1mL of liquid sample suspension.

Replaces multiple SKU’s with just one

Eswab™’s multipurpose capabilities and its versatility allow laboratories to simplify and streamline specimen collection and transport of bacteriology samples and to replace multiple SKU’s with just one product.

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HOW TO USE Eswab™:

Eswab™ is easy to use,
simply collect the sample, snap the applicator and the sample elutes immediately. Sample spontaneously and completely drains from the Flocked Swab as soon as it is placed in the transport medium. Click to watch the video on how to use Eswab™.

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