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Copan’s industrial for environmental swab sampling systems is designed to serve the needs of the Bio-Pharma industry, Agri-Food industry and biological sampling, while the Copan’s forensic line, 4N6™, is designed to serve the unique needs of the Forensic investigator.

Swabbing is one of the most widely used methods for microbiological examination of surfaces today. The microbial monitoring of surfaces, equipment and product contact areas is important in food processing environments, but becomes even more crucial in sterile manufacturing environment in industries like the Bio-Pharma industry, where there is potential for liability and millions of dollars are at stake if a lot is contaminated. Copan SRK™ (Swab-Rinse Kits) and sampling templates offer a rapid, simple and effective alternative for assessing the microbial presence on various surfaces and equipment at a low cost. For industrial applications, the main objective of the swab is to ensure the absence of microbial contaminants in an area as is the case in Bio-Phama or that the microbial count is within acceptable limits in the case of Agri-Food.

Conversely, in a Forensic setting, the main purpose of a swab is to detect the presence of various markers associated with a crime that could provide the answers that solve a case, so it is important to collect and preserve the evidence correctly. Copan 4N6™ and line of DNA free products offers an alternative for the proper collection and safe transport of a crime scene analyte.

Even though the line of products for an industrial application greatly differs from the line of products for a Forensic application, both coincide in the importance of the results derived from the collected sample and what is at stake if the sample is not collected and preserved using an appropriate device.

To complement the line of sample collection devices, Copan offers a complete range of high quality microbiology inoculation loops and spreaders, which are essential tools for processing samples. For critical nucleic acid analysis, Copan offers a special and separate category of transfer pipets and loops that are DNase, RNase and Human DNA free.

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