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The role of the viral diagnostic laboratory has changed dramatically in the past decade driven by a wider availability of viral diagnostic services, improvements in technologies allowing rapid and accurate diagnosis of traditional viruses, as well as detection of an expanded range of viral infections and the availability of new antiviral drugs.

To keep up with the changes in virology testing, Copan has focused on maximizing the collection of sample material from the site of infection, stabilizing and preserving the target analyte inside the sample, and maximizing release of the target into the test platform. Benefitting from in-house tissue culture capabilities, multiple antigen assays, commercial molecular assays and real time PCR platforms, Copan has dramatically improved the performance of collection and transport systems with the key invention of FLOQSwab™.

FLOQSwab™, by Copan, have revolutionized specimen collection in virology as they allow precise and consistent virus sample uptake, and then release the entire sample into the preservation medium for improved sensitivity of viral diagnostics tests. To transport samples, Copan developed Universal Viral Transport Medium, UTM™, which combined with FLOQSwab™, provides a universal open platform for virology culture and DFA testing and has been successfully used for EIA, PCR and other molecular based assays.

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Universal Viral Transport Medium

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