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MALDI-Trace® is a system created specifically for the traceability of organism identification tests performed using seeded target plates and Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization -Time of Flight (MALDI-TOF) technology. The unique feature
of the system is the utilization of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology
to enable the recording and accurate transfer of information for each MALDI-TOF
test run.

MALDI-Trace® comprises of an ergonomically designed workstation with a built-in laser designator tower to guide target plate seeding, a user-friendly Touch-Screen monitor, a barcode scanner, and a target plate holder with embedded RFID chip.
The entire set up is designed to be conveniently used inside a laminar flow cabinet. The system allows laboratory personnel to accurately keep track of culture isolates seeded directly onto target spots or to choose the specific target spot to seed the isolate without transcription or transposition errors.

Full traceability of all information related to the seeded target plate (patient information, specimen description, presumptive culture isolate name and any number of other patient identifiers required)

Accurate management of isolates and their correct placement on target spots. No need to manually record seeding on handwritten worksheets or computer spreadsheets.

Automatic on Screen Display of the number and location of target spots seeded.

Different operational modes and integration with different systems: HighFlexX, WASP® MALDI-Prep, WASPLab™ Image Analysis.

Open flexible system enables future integrations with other laboratory Middleware or LIS systems.

Touch-screen monitor and laser designator system allows easy visualization of target spots Ergonomic Target Plate Holder prevents accidental contamination of perimeter target spots during transport prior to insertion into the MALDI-TOF instrument.

MALDI-Trace®: How To Use Video

MALDI-Trace®: How To Use

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