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DNA FREE PRODUCTS: Reliable and Convenient
DNA Free Laboratory Ware

The DNA Free line of products provides reliable collection swabs and laboratory ware for managing or processing specimens that need to be handled under DNA free conditions and in the absence of nucleases. With certificates of analysis available for each product, Copan insures that all devices are free of inhibitors and interference. This includes DNase, RNase and Human DNA intrusion.

The DNA Free product line includes spreaders, pipets, loops (available in two sizes) and the revolutionary 4N6™ Flocked Swab, which is designed to not only collect more sample than traditional swabs but release it better as well. By recovering and eluting over 90% of the evidence, assay sensitivity increases and DNA recovery is maximized.

Products are certified DNase and RNase-Free and Human DNA free, insuring the most accurate results.

A full product line insures that all products needed for collection and processing are DNA free.

Maximum recovery
Flocked swab technology insures superior recovery and elution of the sample, assuring greater assay sensitivity

  DNA Free Product Line

Microbiological L-shaped spreader - sterile individually wrapped
Soft inoculation loops µl 1 – sterile individually wrapped
Soft inoculation loops µl 10 – sterile individually wrapped
Pasteur pipette ml 3 - sterile individually wrapped
Pasteur pipette ml 1 - sterile individually wrapped
Regular size plastic swab, sterile, flocked nylon velvet tip

Product clearance and availability restrictions may apply in some Countries. Please consult our local company or Copan distributors for the availability of these products in your Country.