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Inoculating Loops, Needles and Spreaders

Needles, spreaders and inoculating loops are important tools used in large numbers in clinical microbiology for a multitude of different tasks. Some of these tasks involve the planting and streaking of hundreds of urine specimens per day or the careful selection and teasing out of suitable material for culture within tenacious samples like sputum, pus, tissue or feces.

The type and style of loops used depends on the particular task at hand and the microbiologists who have strong personal preferences to which style they find most efficient and suited to a particular job. One fact is certain, there is no single type of loop that is multipurpose and covers all applications. Some microbiologists prefer to use metal loops together with a bacteriological incinerator or Bunsen, allowing them to re-sterilize and re-use loops, while others prefer or need to use single use disposable plastic applicators. Plating and streaking specimens in the safety hood usually requires the use of plastic disposable loops. Plastic loops are also manufactured with different types of plastic material that impact the loops’ rigidity or flexibility to meet different operator preferences. Rigid plastic loops work better for scraping or harvesting organisms from a slant or plate and for making stab cultures. Different tasks and different preferences mean that many laboratories have to stock different types of loops. Copan is unique because its wide range of loops, needles and spreaders accommodates all users:


NiChrome Wire Loops,
Handles, Combo-Loops,
and Tool-Gauges

Calibrated Plastic
Inoculation Loops
and Needles

T-Shaped and L-Shaped
Plastic Spreaders

NiChrome Wire Loops

Calibrated 1µL, 10µL sizes and various non-calibrated sizes for use in conjunction with 6 or 7 inch insulated handles

Combo Wire Loops

Range of combination wire loops attached to handles

Go/No-Go tool-gauges

Verify accuracy of metal calibrated loops

Plastic Calibrated Loops

1µ and 10µl size disposable loops manufactured in two styles of ridge or flexible plastic

Plastic Inoculating Needles

Regular and Mini-needle

L-Shaped and T-Shaped Spreaders