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A2B TRANSPOCULT™ Convenient, Ready-to-Use System for Transporting Live Bacterial Cultures

A2B TRANSPOCULT™ provides a reliable and safe method for transporting live bacterial cultures. The short A2B TRANSPOCULT™ tubes are designed to fit approved biomedical shipping containers and contain 5ml of Amies Agar Gel transport medium, maximizing protection of bacteria on the swab. Single and double applicator swab formats are available for convenient harvesting of the maximum number of bacterial colonies from plate cultures.

A2B TRANSPOCULT™ products are individually packed in unique barrier plastic film pouches and in Vi-Pak outer foil packs, preventing media evaporation and oxidation during storage. The nitrogen gassed packaging maintains optimum Eh potential of the medium for aerobe and anaerobe survival. Tubes are ready to use, and allow for room temperature storage with 15 months of shelf life from date of manufacture.

Ideal for the transport of bacteria cultures from original isolating laboratories to central reference or research laboratories.

Designed to fit biomedical shipping containers approved for the safe transport of infectious substances and diagnostic specimens.

Easy to Use
Simply remove swab and streak onto a fresh culture plate, or drop the swab into a nutrient broth.

High Standard of Performance and Maintenance
Maintains fastidious bacteria, aerobes and anaerobes for days during shipping.


A2B Transpocult – Single Applicator Swab and Amies Agar Gel Medium without Charcoal
50 pieces per pack
10 x 50 pieces per case
A2B Transpocult – Double Applicator Swabs and Amies Agar Gel Medium without Charcoal
50 pieces per pack
10 x 50 pieces per case



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