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“When the WASP® first arrived here at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, we were ecstatic! The WASP® allows us to automate the more tedious laboratory tasks and free our staff to handle more complex and interpretative testing. Our goal has always been to improve patient outcome. This is achieved by better handling patient samples, improving patient services in a timely fashion with quality and patient safety always in the forefront of our minds. The WASP® is accomplishing all of this!”
Katharine Roman
Microbiology Laboratory

University Hospitals
Case Medical Center
Cleveland, OH

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WASPLab Key Differences Sheet

WASP®: Walk-Away Specimen Processor

Copan WASP®: Walk-Away Specimen Processor is a truly revolutionary instrument for liquid sample processing for Microbiology. The WASP® provides a comprehensive system which encompasses all aspects of automated specimen processing, planting and streaking, Gram slide preparation and enrichment broth inoculation. WASP® streamlines operations. Designed to work 24/7, it has throughput capacity equivalent to at least 2 or 3 Full-Time Equivalents, which allows labs to expand their volume potential.

Copan’s vision for its line of automation is to continually introduce new modules capabilities and applications to respond to customer needs to maintain its position as the only Walk-Away Specimen Processor capable of managing all aspects of specimen setup. WASP®’s visionary modular and open platform design ensures that labs are investing in something that is as useful today as into the future!

Investment Longevity: WASP® is designed modularly and with built in Forward Compatibility to prolong the life of the investment.

Open Design: WASP®’s familiar linear bench top design with dynamic pick and place robotics individualizes sample processing mimicking the workflow routinely performed by the lab tech on a bench.

Total Specimen Confinement and Containment: WASP®’s bench top design prevents instrument contamination and is easy to clean and sanitize.

Accuracy and Reliability: The WASP® system uses state-of-the art technology and established components, a built-in image verification system and Smart Scan Technology to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Productivity and Throughput: WASP® is designed to optimize the desired time per specimen setup activity and to reduce wasted steps to maximize throughput.

Quality of Results: WASP®’s standardized, consistent and reliable results provide a much needed solution that allows the re-deployment of qualified staff resources.



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WASP® is designed to mimic the best technologist and to bring a high standard of consistent, reliable and accurate specimen planting and streaking for today's busy labs.

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