Easy to use Suitable for both rectal swabbing or directly from feces. Smaller tube is instrument-ready and easier to transport.

Unique Flocked swab Guarantees adequate specimen collection and elution of the sample into medium. When opening the tube in the lab, swab is captured by the cap, for easier access to the specimen.

Versatile Sample can be planted and streaked directly on culture plates or an aliquot transferred to selective enrichment broth. Suitable for PCR.

CAT. No.
Copan FecalSwab™ Collection System
Product Description
FecalSwab™ Screw Cap Tube 12 X 80mm with 2ml Modified Cary-Blair Medium, 1 Regular Flocked Swab
50 pcs. per box
10 x 50 per case


1. Open the peel pouch
2. Remove the flocked FecalSwab™
3. Collect the sample directly from the patient
    Dip the flocked swab into the fecal sample until swab is completely covered with sample
4. Remove the screw cap from the tube
5. Insert the flocked swab all the way to the bottom of the tube
6. Break the swab at the molded breakpoint
7. Screw the cap tightly to prevent leakage
8. Write patient’s information or apply a label

Product clearance and availability restrictions may apply in some Countries. Please consult our local company or Copan distributors for the availability of these products in your Country.

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