COPAN ITALIA was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of disposable plastic articles for chemical and clinical test laboratories. In 1982 it became a family business and exactly ten years later, in 1992, it becomes a joint-stock company. In 1989 the company’s strategic aim was redefined: producing and launching on the worldwide market large-series and ready-for-use disposable articles for microbiological testing.

In the following years up to 1994, COPAN ITALIA invested all its economic resources in technological and organisational development in order to optimise all the manufacturing stages, thanks to which an excellent output performance and an essential improvement in product quality was achieved.

This structural and qualitative progress allowed implementation and subsequent accreditation with the ISO 9001 EN 46001 Quality System, as well as adjustment with the EC Directive 93/42 on medical devices represented by Copan Swabs.

The next development stage was the enormous success on the US market. Introduction on this market started in 1995 with only a small share; after 5 years it became 60/70% and by the end of 2000 COPAN controlled the vast majority of the swabs market.

COPAN ITALIA performed additional structure development: the building of a new manufacturing site, which is essential to meet growth rates and future development goals.

MicroRheologics was founded in 2004 by the transfer of part of Copan enterprise; its goal is developing and producing a new generation of Devices for sample collection by using a new technology in which the fiber is no longer wound around the applicator, but sprayed on the applicator thanks to an electrostatic production field. This new applied technology allows an easier sampling method, less painful for the patient, but at the same time with a high performance quality.

The board of directors decided to change the name of the company to COPAN FLOCK TECHNOLOGIES at the beginning of 2010 because of the success met by flocked medical devices for sample collection together with the acknowledgement of the Copan brand on the international market.

COPAN FLOCK TECHNOLOGIES shares Group Management with Copan; this gives the advantage of using structures and knowledge already developed overtime for realizing productive activities.

COPAN DIAGNOSTICS Inc. is primarily involved with sales and marketing of products manufactured by Copan Italia S.p.A. and COPAN FLOCK TECHNOLOGIES. These products do include traditional and new generation Medical Devices for microbiological specimen sampling.

Copan Diagnostics Inc. also manufactures and distributes various environmental sampling devices for the bio-pharmaceutical, food-hygiene markets . In addition to the sample collection devices Copan Diagnostics Inc. sells and markets various general laboratory products including disposable plastic pipettes and inoculation loops manufactured by Copan Italia S.p.A.
Some of these general laboratory products are re-packaged at Copan Diagnostics Inc. according to specific customer demand.

COPAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES srl has created the whole IT infrastructure at Copan Italia and is now selling IT solutions to other Companies. Copan IT is also the developer of all the Hardware and Software IT systems for WASP, WASPlab and MaldiTrace and their seamless integration with any LIS.